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[texts]Publication - Field Museum of Natural History
Kislak Ref. Collection: Vol. 17, no. 1 (1927)-no. 3 (1931), v. 27, no. 1 (1938)
Keywords: bub_upload; Anthropology; Indians of North America; Ethnology
Downloads: 2
[texts]Eplingia, a new genus of the Labiatae from Mexico (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.36, no.3) - Williams, Louis Otho, 1908-

Keywords: Eplingia; Botany -- Mexico; Eplingia saxicola
Downloads: 312
[texts]A conspectus of the palm genus Butia Becc (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 10) - Glassman, Sidney F
Bibliography: p. 172
Keywords: Syagrus
Downloads: 1,029
[texts]Donrichardsia, a new genus of Amblystegiaceae (musci) (Volume Fieldiana, Botany new series v.1) - Crum, Howard Alvin, 1922-
Bibliography: p. 8
Keywords: Donrichardsia macroneuron; Mosses -- Texas Edwards County Classification; Donrichardsia
Downloads: 311
[texts]A new Eurystyles from Nicaragua (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 31, no. 12) - Heller, Alfonso H

Keywords: Orchids -- Nicaragua; Eurystyles borealis
Downloads: 433
[texts]New species of Digitaria, Pennisetum, and Poa (Gramineae) from Costa Rica (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 38, no. 2) - Pohl, Richard Walter, 1916-
Bibliography: p. 13
Keywords: Bluegrasses; Pennisetum tempisquense; Grasses -- Costa Rica; Grasses -- Classification; Digitaria costaricensis
Downloads: 378
[texts]Studies in American plants, III (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.34, no.6) - Gibson, Dorothy N

Keywords: Botany -- Central America
Downloads: 388
[texts]Preliminary notes on the Scrophulariaceae of Peru (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 31, no. 8) - Edwin, Gabriel
With, as issued, Glassman, S.F. New species in the palm genus Syagrus Mart. [Chicago] 1967. Williams, L.O. Tropical American plants, VIII. [Chicago] 1967
Keywords: Scrophulariaceae; Botany -- Peru
Downloads: 403
[texts]New species from South America, I (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.36, no.1) - Simpson, Donald Ray, 1935-

Keywords: Botany -- South America
Downloads: 357
[texts]A new hybrid in the palm genus Syagrus Mart. (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 16) - Glassman, Sidney F
Bound with Williams, L. O., The Juglandaceae of Guatemala (v. 32, no. 13)
Keywords: Syagrus; Palms
Downloads: 609
[texts]The cranial anatomy of Placochelys placodonta Jaekel, 1902, and a review of the Cyamodontoidea (Reptilia, Placodonta) (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 45) - Rieppel, Olivier
The skull of Placochelys placodonta Jaekel is described in detail and compared with all other cyamodontoid skulls kept in public repositories. Cladistic analysis based on a character set derived from cyamodontoid skull anatomy results in a reconstruction of placodont interrelationships as follows: (Paraplacodus (Placodus ((Henodus, Cyamodus) (Macroplacus (Protenodontosaurus (Placochelys, Psephoderma))))))...
Keywords: Placochelys placodonta; Placodontia; Cyamodontoidea
Downloads: 839
[texts]Studies in American plants, II (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 11) - Gibson, Dorothy N
Bound with Ponce de Leon, P., Revision of the genus Vascellum (Lycoperdaceae)
Keywords: Clerodendrum; Trybliocalyx; Verbenaceae
Downloads: 317
[texts]Studies in American plants (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 31, no. 15) - Gibson, Dorothy N
With: Two new Nicaraguan Juglandaceae / Antonio Molina R. Studies in the palm palm genus Syagrus Mart. / S.F. Glassman. Tropical American plants, IX / Louis O. Williams
Keywords: Wigandia urens var. caracasana; Cobaea; Botany -- Neotropics
Downloads: 297
[texts]A new Odontoglossum from Nicaragua (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 7) - Heller, Alfonso H

Keywords: Odontoglossum subcruciforme; Botany -- Nicaragua
Downloads: 384
[texts]Moritzia DC. (Boraginaceae): a genus new to North America (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.36, no.2) - Gentry, Johnnie Lee
Bibliography: p. 16
Keywords: Botany -- North America; Boraginaceae
Downloads: 286
[texts]Austral Hepaticae IX : Anastrophyllum tristanianum, a new species from Tristan da Cunha (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 38, no. 7) - Engel, John J

Keywords: Anastrophyllum tristanianum; Liverworts -- Tristan da Cunha (Islands)
Downloads: 347
[texts]New interatheriines (Interatheriidae, notoungulata) from the Paleogene of central Chile and southern Argentina (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 42) - Hitz, Ralph B., 1964
Two new interatheriines (Interatheriidae, Notoungulata), Santiagorothia chiliensis and Proargyrohyrax curanderensis, are described from the transitional Eocene/Oligocene Tinguiririca Fauna, central Chile, and from roughly coeval localities in Chubut and Rio Negro provinces, Argentina. The former occurs in both central Chile and Argentina, whereas the latter occurs only in Argentina. Several Argentine specimens are referred to Eopachyruchos, an interatheriine for which an emended diagnosis is pre...
Keywords: Paleontology -- Chile Paleogene; Paleontology -- Argentina Paleogene; Mammals, Fossil -- Chile Phylogeny; Mammals, Fossil -- Argentina Phylogeny
Downloads: 505
[texts]Two new Guatemalan Tournefortias (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 5) - Gibson, Dorothy N

Keywords: Tournefortia elongata; Tournefortia longiloba; Botany -- Guatemala
Downloads: 289
[texts]Revision of Oparanthus (Compositae, Heliantheae, Coreopsidinae) (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 38, no. 6) - Stuessy, Tod F
Bibliography: p. 69-70
Keywords: Oparanthus; Botany -- Rapa Island Classification
Downloads: 313
[texts]Flora of Guatemala (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 24, part 11, no. 4) - Nash, Dorothy L

Keywords: Botany -- Guatemala
Downloads: 1,446
[texts]A new central Brazilian genus and species of sigmodontine rodent (Sigmodontinae) transitional between akodonts and oryzomyines : with a discussion of muroid molar morphology and evolution (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.75) - Hershkovitz, Philip
Includes bibliographical references (p. 18)
Keywords: Microakodontomys transitorius -- Classification; Muridae -- Classification; Sigmodontinae -- Classification; Rodents -- Evolution
Downloads: 565
[texts]Small archaeohyracids (Typotheria, Notoungulata) from Chubut Province, Argentina, and central Chile : implications for Trans-Andean temporal correlation (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 48) - Reguero, Marcelo
We describe small-bodied archaeohyracids of transitional Eocene-Oligocene age from Chubut, Argentina, including two from Santiago Roth's important but poorly known Cañadón Blanco locality and two occurring in the Tinguiririca Fauna of the Andean Main Range of central Chile. Three taxa are recognized. We refer specimens from both Patagonia and the central Andes to one of these taxa, initially named Arachaeohyrax gracilis by Roth (1903) but receiving a new generic designation here...
Keywords: Notoungulata; Mammals, Fossil; Paleontology -- Cenozoic; Paleontology -- Argentina Chubut; Paleontology -- Chile
Downloads: 385
[texts]Publications of Field Museum of Natural History (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 11, index) - Field Museum of Natural History

Keywords: Botanical series; Botany
Downloads: 604
[texts]Food habits of some Arctic birds and mammals (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.20, no.31) - Cottam, Clarence, 1899-
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Birds -- Food; Mammals; Zoology -- Arctic regions
Downloads: 563
[texts]Systematic review of the Taiwanese macaque, Macaca cyclopis, Swinhoe, 1863 (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.98) - Fooden, Jack, 1927-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 38-45) and index
Keywords: Macaca cyclopis; Macaques -- Taiwan
Downloads: 1,707
[texts]Emmons's notes on Field Museum's collection of Northwest Coast basketry: edited with an ethnoarchaeological analysis (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.9) - Weber, Ronald L
Includes bibliographical references (p. 102)
Keywords: Emmons, George Thornton; Field Museum of Natural History; Tlingit Indians -- Basket making
Downloads: 695
[texts]Flora Costaricensis (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.35) - Burger, William C
Bibliography: p. 216
Keywords: Piperaceae; Casuarinaceae; Botany -- Costa Rica
Downloads: 747
[texts]The generic name Saracha Ruiz & Pavón (Solanaceae) (Volume Fieldiana, Botany serries v.36, no.8) - Gentry, Johnnie Lee
Bibliography: p. 70 and 72
Keywords: Saracha
Downloads: 351
[texts]Large archaeohyracids (Typotheria, Notoungulata) from central Chile and Patagonia : including a revision of Archaeotypotherium (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 49) - Croft, Darin A
The Tinguiririca Fauna of the Andean Main Range of central Chile is remarkable for its abundant and diverse archaeohyracids. This study recognizes four relatively large-bodied species from the Tinguiririca Fauna, two of which are new. Together with two previously described small-bodied forms, the total of six species makes the archaeohyracid assemblage from Tinguiririca the most diverse known, representing the co-occurrence of at least 40% of all archaeohyracid species in a single fauna...
Keywords: Notoungulata; Mammals, Fossil; Paleontology -- Cenozoic; Paleontology -- Chile
Downloads: 518
[texts]Hoplomyzon sexpapilostoma, a new species of Venezuelan catfish (Pisces, Aspredinidae) : with comments on the Hoplomyzontini (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.61) - Taphorn, Donald C
Includes bibliographical references (p. 9)
Keywords: Hoplomyzon sexpapilostoma -- Classification; Aspredinidae -- Classification; Catfishes -- Venezuela Classification
Downloads: 483
[texts]Geographic variation and evolutionary relationships among broad-clawed shrews of the Cryptotis goldmani-group (Mammalia, Insectivora, Soricidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.91) - Woodman, Neal
Includes bibliographical references (p. 37-38)
Keywords: Cryptotis; Cryptotis -- Classification
Downloads: 544
[texts]Villages before aggregation : the Merrigan Site (LA 110971), a developmental period hamlet, El Rancho, New Mexico (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.35) - Creamer, Winifred
Includes bibliographical references (p. 36-38)
Keywords: Pueblo Indians -- Antiquities; Excavations (Archaeology) -- New Mexico; New Mexico -- Antiquities
Downloads: 520
[texts]Two new Nicaraguan Juglandaceae (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 31, no. 16) - Molina R , Antonio

Keywords: Alfaroa williamsii; Engelhardia nicaraguensis; Botany -- Nicaragua
Downloads: 224
[texts]Size and scaling in the Indian frogs Nyctibatrachus and Nannobatrachus (Ranidae) : a contribution in celebration of the distinguished scholarship of Robert F. Inger on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.46) - Shaffer, H. Bradley (Howard Bradley), 1953-
Bibliography: p. 9-10
Keywords: Inger, Robert F; Frogs -- India
Downloads: 710
[texts]Synopsis of Hemichaena, including Berendtiella (Scrophulariaceae) (Volume Fieldiana, Botany serries v.34, no.7) - Thieret, John W
Bibliography: p. 98
Keywords: Hemichaena; Botany -- Central America; Botany -- Mexico
Downloads: 323
[texts]The Cherry collection of Deg Hit'an (Ingalik) material culture (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.27) - VanStone, James W
The collections of the Field Museum of Natural History contain 128 ethnographic objects collected among the Deg Hit'an (Ingalik) Indians at Anvik, Alaska, in 1890-1892. Marcus O. Cherry assembled the collection for the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. The artifacts in this collection are described and illustrated. For comparative purposes, information is included from a previous study of Deg Hit'an material culture by Cornelius Osgood (1940) and from other relevant sources
Keywords: Cherry, Marcus O; Field Museum of Natural History; Ingalik Indians -- Material culture Catalogs and collections Illinois Chicago; Indians of North America -- Alaska Material culture Catalogs and collections Illinois Chicago
Downloads: 663
[texts]A taxonomic revision of the genus Cnemidaria (Cyatheaceae) (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 37) - Stolze, Robert G
Bibliography: p. 86-87
Keywords: Cnemidania; Ferns -- Latin America
Downloads: 740
[texts]Ten new species of Erythroxylum (Erythroxylaceae) from Bahia, Brazil (Volume Fieldiana, Botany new series v.19) - Plowman, Timothy
Bibliography: p. 40-41
Keywords: Erythroxylum
Downloads: 773
[texts]Phylogeny and paedomorphosis in an African family of freshwater fishes (Gonorhynchiformes: Kneriidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.78) - Grande, Terry
Includes bibliographical references (p. 20)
Keywords: Kneriidae -- Morphology; Kneriidae -- Phylogeny
Downloads: 475
[texts]Comparative microscopic dental anatomy in the Petalodontida (Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 26) - Zangerl, Rainer, 1912-
The microscopic anatomy of the teeth in 9 genera and 23 species of the Paleozoic elasmobranch order Petalodontida was examined in numerous thin sections. With two exceptions, the crowns of these teeth are covered with a highly characteristic, compound tissue, which Moy-Thomas called "tubular dentine" and for which the term "orthotrabeculine" is here proposed. Orthotrabeculine consists of a hypermineralized homologue of modern shark orthodentine and peritubular trabeculine surrounding vascular ch...
Keywords: Condrichthyes, Fossil; Teeth -- Morphology; Petalodontida -- Anatomy
Downloads: 996
[texts]Flora of Peru (Volume Fieldiana, Botany new series v.7) - Dillon, Michael O
Includes bibliographical references and index
Keywords: Compositae -- Peru; Botany -- Peru
Downloads: 1,289
[texts]Malacological notes, III (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.29, no.1) - Haas, Fritz, 1886-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 22-23)
Keywords: Mollusks
Downloads: 566
[texts]Paugvik : a nineteenth-century native village on Bristol Bay, Alaska (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.24) - Dumond, Don E., 1929-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 102-105)
Keywords: Bristol Bay (Alaska)
Downloads: 945
[texts]Archaeological survey in the Juli-Desaguadero region of Lake Titicaca Basin, Southern Peru (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.29) - Stanish, Charles, 1956-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 121-124)
Keywords: Excavations, Archaeology -- Peru Juli; Juli (Peru) -- Antiquities
Downloads: 1,531
[texts]Mortuary ritual of the Badagas of Southern India (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.32) - Hockings, Paul
Includes bibliographical references (p. 71-72)
Keywords: Badaga (Indic people) -- Funeral customs and rites; Badaga (Indic people) -- Religion; Funeral rites and ceremonies -- India Nilgiri Hills; Nilgiri Hills (India) -- Religious life and customs
Downloads: 1,685
[texts]An ethnographic collection from northern Sakhalin Island (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.8) - VanStone, James W
The collections of Field Museum of Natural History contain 59 ethnographic objects obtained in the late 19th century from teh Nivkhi, Oroki, and Evenki peoples of northern Sakhalin Island. These objects are described and illustrated. Information from historic and contemporary descriptions of Nivkhi and Oroki-Evenki material culture is included for comparative purposes
Keywords: Pogoskii, Aleksandra; Ethnology -- Russia Sakhalin; Evenki (Asian people); Gilyaks; Sakhalin (R.S.F.S.R.) -- Social life and customs
Downloads: 753
[texts]Athapaskan clothing and related objects in the collections of Field Museum of Natural History (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.4) - VanStone, James W
Includes bibliographical references (p. 31-33)
Keywords: Field Museum of Natural History; Athapascan Indians -- Costume and adornment Catalogs; Indians of North America -- Alaska Costume Catalogs
Downloads: 751
[texts]An osteological study of Nasca trophy heads collected by A.L. Kroeber during the Marshall Field Expeditions to Peru (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, new series, no.33) - Williams, Sloan R
Includes bibliographical references (p. 114-116)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field Archaeological Expeditions to Peru, 1925-1926; Nazca culture -- Peru Nazca River Valley; Indians of South America -- Peru Nazca River Valley Antiquities
Downloads: 1,156
[texts]Revision of the genus Vascellum (Lycoperdaceae) (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 9) - Ponce de Leon, Patricio
Bibliography: p. 124-125
Keywords: Vascellum
Downloads: 580
[texts]Flora Costaricensis : Family #200, Acanthaceae by L.H. Durkee, Family #201, Plantaginaceae by William Burger (Volume Fieldiana, Botany new series v.18) - Burger, William C
Includes bibliographical references and index
Keywords: Botany -- Costa Rica; Plants
Downloads: 1,164
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